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Everbuild Sugar Soap Powder SurfaceCleaner 430g Box


Barcode: 5029347601911

EVERBUILD Sugar Soap Powder is asilicate free Cleaning powder, thats easy to use and very effective, diluted with water produces a very effective cleaner which removes grease, grime and nicotine from painted surfaces, especially suited to ensure and improved adhesion ready for the paint finish. Sugar soap powder can also be used in Decorating and as an effective general household surface cleaner.


Powerful concentrated formula.

Works on most types of painted surfaces.

Can be used as a general household surface cleaner.

Removes mould and mildew for cases of recurring heavy mould and mildew use Everbuild 404 Fungicidal Wash to prevent further outbreaks.


Always mix with clean fresh water.

Use only as directed

Protect polished surfaces, carpets and upholstery prior to use.

To avoid staining mop up spill simmediately

For preparation prior to painting:

Make up sugar soap solution by adding a cupful of powder to 2 litres thats 4 pints of hot water, stir well before use.

Wipe over painted surfaces using a sponge from bottom to top to avoid run lines.

Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

For general cleaning:

Dilute 2 tablespoons of powder to 2 litres 4 pints of hot water, wipe over surfaces using a cloth or a sponge.

Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry.

For ceramic tiles, vinyl floors and paintwork as above but rinsing is not required.

For wash basins, sinks and baths pour sugar soap directly onto a damp cloth and wipe over surface.

Rinse surface with water and allow to dry.

Sugar Soap Powder Data Sheets:

Everbuild Sugar Soap Powder Technical Data sheet

Everbuild Sugar Soap Powder Safety Data Sheet

Sugar Soap Powder Ingredients Sheet

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