Everbuild Quick Drying Clear Varnish Gloss 750ml WVARCLG07

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Quick Drying Ultra Hard Clear Varnish - Gloss 750ml


Barcode: 5029347611507

750ml Professional quality gloss ultra-hard, scratch resistant and heatproof, non-yellowing finish a low solvent varnish thats ideal for use on interior wood surfaces such as

tables, chairs, doors, skirtings, furniture and more.

Touch dry in just 30 minutes overcoat after 1 hour.

Clear finish with no discoloration that enhances the natural qualities of wood, and provides long lasting protection.

Main Points

Quick Drying Clear Gloss Varnish

low solvent

Enhances the natural qualities of wood,

Provides long lasting protection.

Ultra-hard, scratch resistant, heatproof,

non-yellowing finish.


Up to 16 square metres per litre.

Coverage will vary depending on the absorbency of the wood.


Ensure wood is clean, dry and free from dirt or dust by wiping with a lint free cloth dampened with white spirit, allow to dry before applying varnish.

On varnished wood, remove any unsound varnish and sand the surface with medium grade sandpaper well to a uniformed appearance and then clean with white spirit.

Allow to dry thoroughly before applying Everbuild Clear Varnish. On bare wood, sand the surface with fine sandpaper.

Always remove excess dust with a cloth before applying varnish.

Brush apply Everbuild Clear Varnish, following the direction of the wood grain, approximately 2-3 coats will be required for full coverage.

It is touch dry in 30 minutes, allow 1 hour in between coats lightly sand the surface before applying the final coat.

Always apply the varnish to a wet edge, working systematically across the surface keeping the wet edge moving together as much as possible.

Clean brushes thoroughly with water after use, a little washing up liquid will assist brush cleaning.

If water is accidently spilt on the surface within 2-3 days of application, remove by wiping gently with a soft cloth (do not rub).

Note: on application, the varnish will appear slightly white this quickly turns completely clear as the drying process starts.

Important notes:

Do not use on wood floors or decking.

Do not use externally.

Protect from frost and do not use in temps below 10 deg C.

Everbuild WVARCLG07 Information:

Everbuild Clear Gloss Varnish Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Clear Gloss Varnish Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Everbuild Interior Varnish Product Page

Option Colour clear
Option Text 750ml Gloss
Reference Code WVARCLG07
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Everbuild Quick Drying Varnish Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Quick Drying Varnish Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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