Everbuild Purimachos Kos Fire Cement Buff or Black Box of 12

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Kos Fire Cement C3 Cartridge Buff or Black Box of 12

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Kos fire cement in a handy Cartridge form which will fit any standard sealant gun

Used on fire bricks, fire grates, flue pipes, flue bricks, boilers and other

applications subject to extreme heat.

Ready mixed blend of thermo setting resins and inorganic fillers that cures

when exposed to heat, resulting in a mortar which is temperature resistant

up to 1250 deg C.

Offers excellent adhesion to fire bricks, blockwork, stone and clayware,

asbestos free.

Can be used for domestic and commercial applications

Everbuild Official Datasheets:

Kos Cement Technical Data Sheet C3

Kos Cement MSDS Safety Data Sheet C3

Everbuild Kos Black Cartridge Product Page

Everbuild Kos Buff Cartridge Product Page

Option Colour Black or Buff
Option Text box of 12
Reference Code PCKOSBKFIREC300-12
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Everbuild_KOS_Fire_Cement_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Everbuild_KOS_Fire_Cement_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment

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