Everbuild Paper Wipes & Non Smear Glass Cleaner 1litre

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Twin Package of Glass Cleaner and Paper Wipes Twin Pack


Barcode: 5029347603427

Barcode: 5029347900014

1 x 1 Litre Everflex Glass Cleaner is a fastacting, non smear formulation suitable for cleaning all glass to asparkling shine. is a powerful glass cleaning agent containing ahigh level of detergents and solvents for rapid drying to a smearand static free finish. May also be used on tiling, VDUs, TVscreens, chrome etc.

1 x 150 meter Paper Glass Wipe Rolls are madeof extra strong, soft 2-ply paper for effective glass industrialand home cleaning.

Areas For Use:

Cleaning all glass surfaces.

Suitable for large areas.


Everbuild Glass Cleaner MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Glass Cleaner Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Manufacturer Glass Cleaner Product Page

Everbuild Manufacturer Paper Glass Wipe

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Everbuild Glass Cleaner Ingredients Sheet Download Attachment
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