Everbuild Paint Brush Restorer 500ml BRUSHREST

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Everbuild Paint Brush Restorer 500ml


Barcode: 5029347601829

EVERBUILD Brush Restorer Liquid is a thin solvent based liquid that removes paint from gummed up and old hardened brushes.

Works on all paints and is water washable.

Product Benefits:

Cleans up with water

Powerful fast acting formula.


Use only as directed do not allow to come into contact with plastics, textiles or floor coverings.

Product Application:

Use in well-ventilated areas and protect all surrounding areas from accidental splashes.

Pour brush restorer into a metallic or or glass jar Immerse brushes and leave to soak for a minimum of 2 hours or preferably overnight.

When paint begins to soften agitate the brushes against the bottom of the jar to loosen paint fragments.

Repeat if necessary and wash brushes with clean water.

Brush Restorer Documents:

Everbuild Paint Brush Restorer Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Paint Brush MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Manufacturer Paint Brush Restorer Product Page

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Everbuild Paint Brush Restorer Liquid Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Paint Brush Restorer Liquid Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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