In construction, decorating and plumbing, a variety of brushes are needed and in this section, we will supply all of the different types of brushes that you will need, whether its for preparing surfaces, cleaning up at the end of the day or applying paint or other solutions to surfaces, we have lots of products to suit every requirement. For smaller, more detailed paint work jobs, we stock a 12 piece artists mixed paint brush set which is perfect for artists but also professional tradespeople who have small areas to paint or where accuracy is key. As well as this, we also sell wire brushes and paint brushes for certain types of paint such as emulsion in addition to stocking paint brush cleaner which will thoroughly remove paint while keeping your paintbrushes in the best possible condition. Our range also includes hand brushes and stainless steel, nylon and brassed brush sets so every eventuality is covered. On each page in this category, there are lots of products suited to all kinds of tasks and all brushes are a great quality so you know that they will help you get the task done that you need to do in the best possible way. If you have any questions about our brushes or any of the products that we stock on our website, please contact our customer care team by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.