Everbuild Instant Nails Solvent Free Adhesive C3 INST

Brand: Everbuild
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Everbuild Instant nails solvent free adhesive C3 290ml


Sika Code 484816

Barcode 5029347902179

Instant Nails Sticking wood, metal, PVC, most plastics, glass, aluminium, concrete, render, stone, paper, cork, ceramics plaster plasterboard, Rockwool, Pufoam board, Styrofoam, breeze block etc. Bonding dado rails, architraves and skirting, Fixing wall cladding direct to internal wall surfaces or timber battens. Fixing battens directly onto walls without fastenings. Bonding carpet gripper systems to most floors without the need for nails or tacks. Bonding stair nosing to concrete or wooden stairs. Securing aluminium or other skin panels to the framework or portable industrial buildings and caravans.


  • High strength solvent free gap filling adhesive
  • One surface must be pourus
  • Provides a quick grab
  • Replaces mechanical fixings in a multitude of Home Improvement applications, both internally and externally.
  • Has exceptionally quick drying properties for a solvent free adhesive
  • Achieves over 50% of its ultimate bond strength in one hour.
  • INSTANT NAILS dries white and is over paintable when dry.

Instant Nail 25INST Benefits

  • Solvent free environmentally friendly formulation
  • Excellent adhesion & bond strength
  • Quickly adheres to most common surfaces
  • Good early grab properties
  • Usable in both vertical & horizontal positions.
  • Dries white
  • Will adhere to damp surfaces.
  • Water clean-up
  • Over paintable.

Product Limitations

At least one surface must be porous.

Protect from rain until cured when used externally,

Curing time may be significantly extended In damp cold or humid conditions,

Do not use in permanently damp wet conditions.

Do not use in situations where both surfaces are non -porous

e.g. plastic to plastic use EVERBUILD GUN A NAIL EXTRA.

Instant Nails Datasheets:

Everbuild manufacturer Page

Instant Nails Technical Data

Instant Nails MSDS Safety Data

Manufacturer Everbuild
Reference Code INST
Reference Code sika 484816
Type Solvent Free Grab Adhesive
Size C3 290ml Cartridge
Name Link
Everbuild Instant Nails Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Instant Nails Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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