Everbuild Constructa Pro Adhesive Construction Foam CONPRO07

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Everbuild Constructa Pro Adhesive Construction Foam

Colour: Grey


Barcode: 5029347908713

EVERBUILD Constructa-Pro a high strength construction adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of building applications.

Everbuild constructa pro adheres well to most common building materials including stone, masonry, concrete blocks, brick, wood, plasterboard, insulation board, metal and much more!

Once cured, its also rot-proof moisture and temperature resistant from -40 deg C to +80 deg C.

No need for additional Screws and Fixings in most applications.

Constructa-Pro Benefits:

Construta Pro provides significant time, labour and convenience benefits when compared to traditional dry wall Mortar and other adhesives.

Bonds to Masonry, Concrete, Plaster, Timber, Metal, Insulation boards, polystyrene, Polyurethane, Bitumen, Asphalt & more.


Time saving over conventional building methods

High adhesive strength in just 5 minutes


No mixing

No water

No bucket

No dust


No heavy bags to carry

Works on solid walls, and most other standard building materials

Product Information:

Everbuild Constructa Pro Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Constructa Pro MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Manufacturers Constructa Pro Product Page

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Video Demonstration How To Use Expanding Foam and Clean Your Gun

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Everbuild Constructa Pro Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Constructa Pro Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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