Duzzit Dishwasher Cleaner Sachet DZT083

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Duzzit Dishwasher Cleaner Sachet


Barcode: 5053249213941

Duzzit dishwasher cleaner is an easy to use product that prevents the build up of detergent and food residues that can result in unwanted odors and can lead to dishwashers not washing properly and smells.

Easy to use dishwasher sachet.

Directions For Use:

Remove large food deposits

Load the dishwasher machine

Fill the dosing compartment with powder

Pour the remaining powder onto the bottom of the dishwasher

Select the standard washing cycle and press start.

Do No fill with dishes and do not use any other detergents.

Once finished use the dishwasher as usual for heavy users use monthly.

Household Cleaners

Reference Code DZT083

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