Doff Universal Plant Bug Killer & Mildew Fungus Control 1 Litre SCAAOODPK

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Doff Universal 2 in 1 Plant Bug Killer & Mildew Control 1 Litre


Barcode: 5013655214451

Doff controls Bugs On All Plants

For use on all edible crops.

For use on plants and flowers.

Fast acting.

Ready to use spray controls aphids, black flies, green flies, mealy bugs, scale psyllid white flies and much more.

Also controls powdery mildew and fungus on all garden flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Contains a feed for stimulating strong growth.

Pests Do Not Develop A Resistance To the Use of universal bug control.

Reed the label prior to use.

Size 1 Litre

Always read the label prior to use.

Doff Garden Insect Bug and Pest Control

All Garden Pest Control

Option Text F-CA-A00-DOF
Reference Code SCAAOODPK
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DOFF_Universal_Plant_Bug_Killer_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment

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