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Doff Concentrate Path and Patio Weedkiller Weed killer

Size: 3 SACHET


Barcode: 5013655011494

3 sachet box of Doff Path and Patio concentrated perennial weed killer.

systematic herbicide that kills the foliage and plant roots.

Weed control is initially seen as a yellowing of the leaves which die back after a few days or up to 4 weeks after application.

It is a systematic weed killer for the control of annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds, including grasses, docks, nettles, willow herb, dandelion and many more.

suitable for use on paths, patios, driveways and all areas where deep rooted plants can travel.

Weed killing on deep rooted plants should be done when the green foliage is visible, once the plants have been treated do not chop down the

vegetation leaves the weed killer to do its job the plants will feed and the roots will also die to help prevent further growth.

systematic weed killer for the control of annual and deep rooted perennial weeds.

Simply Spray the foliage

Doff Weed Killer is a ready to use systematic weed killer.

Use this to kill weeds and roots in your garden for a tidy garden.

It also controls annual and deep rooted perennial weeds.

Use only as a home garden weed killer.

Do not use it on lawns.

Future Planting:

Doff concentrated path and patio weedkiller has no residual activity in the soil, so planting may continue once the plants have died back.

How To Use:

Garden Sprayer:

Add 80ml sachets to 800ml of water, spray the entire weed, especially the leaves.

Each litre will cover approximately 32 meters square.

Watering Can:

Add One 80ml sachet can be diluted with 800ml of water to treat over 25 square metres.

This powerful weed killer destroys most weeds down to the roots with a single application.

Can also be used to stop cut trees and stumps from re-sprouting and to kill climbing ivy.

Each sachet will cover approximately 25 meters square.


3 x 80ml sachets

Always read the label prior to use.

Use pesticides safely

Doff Garden Weed Killer Control.

All Weed Killer and Weeding.

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