Alpha Chem Foam Sealant Joint Backer Rod 15mm 550m Roll X1BACK15

Brand: Alpha Chem
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Cromar Alpha Chem Polyethylene Foam Sealant Joint Backer Rod 15mm x 550m Roll


Barcode 5036684022545

AlphaChem sealant backer rod 15mm round non absorbent compressible grey closed cell polyethylene foam backs up windows door frames expansion joints and also acts as bond breaker material.

Insert into a joint to control sealant depth and create a back stop to allow the proper depth of sealant ready for tooling.

Creates the correct depth to width of sealant a very important part of the sealant application process, it creates a flexible joint that is 2 sided not 3.

The correct width to depth of sealant allows for the correct amount of movement in the sealant being used whether its around door frame, window frames, floor or wall expansion joints.

Also has the added benefit of saving money on wasted sealant by far the most expensive side of the job.

3 sided sealant joints will not have the same movement capabilities as a 2 sided joint they will be hard and have little movement and will fail over time.

The normal joint requirement is 2 wide to 1 deep but check with the silicone or sealant literature.


  • 15mm round
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Compresses easily for accommodating joints of varying widths.
  • Reduces sealant usage
  • Creates the correct depth of sealant
  • Creates a flexible sealant joint
  • Improved sealant performance by giving the correct joint size
  • Detaches from sealant when sealant dries creates a 2 sided flexible joint
  • Also has good acoustic property's


  • General Purpose Sealant backing
  • Self-levelling floor sealant such as pro 3 SL Black or Concrete Grey
  • Expansion joints
  • Irregular movement joints
  • Metal and pre-cast panels
  • Around perimeters of door and window frames
  • Coping and glazing joints
  • Log Homes
  • Draft Proofing & Acoustic Work
  • Can be used in many void fill gap filling applications.

Available Sizes

10mm x 1150 meter roll

13mm x 750 meter roll

15mm x 550 meter roll

20mm x 350 meter roll

25mm x 200 meter roll

30mm x 160 meter Roll

40mm x 2 meter length

Choosing the correct size:

Select a backer-rod diameter that is approximately 15 to 25% larger than the width of the joint to give a firm base that does not move when applying the sealant.

Brand Alpha Chem Alphachem
Manufacturer Cromar
Reference Code X1BACK15
Type Sealant Joint polyethylene backer rod
Size 15mm x 550 meters
Name Link
Cromar Alpha Chem Sealant Joint Backer Rod Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Cromar Alpha Chem Sealant Joint Backer Rod Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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