Crescent X6 Pass Thru Adjustable Wrench Multi Fit Ratchet Socket Set CPTAW8

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Crescent X6 Pass Thru Adjustable Wrench Multi Fit Ratchet Socket 11 Piece Set

Real Deals Unlocked: TSCACPTAW8


Barcode: 0037103295941

The Crescent X6 Pass-Thru Adjustable Wrench Set provides the benefits of 3 tools in 1 product.

It includes a standard adjustable wrench with a maximum 1-1/8" jaw capacity, but the jaw on the wrench head can be easily removed and reversed,

turning it into an adjustable pipe wrench with a maximum 1" capacity.

On the opposite end the traditional hang-hole has been transformed into a ratcheting pass-thru ratchet head that can be used with the included

SAE/Metric Universal Sockets.

The universal design fits 6 fastener types:





partially rounded Hex



Versatile fastening tool that offers the user multiple fastening options from a single tool design

Traditional adjustable wrench with laser etched SAE/MM scales and a wide jaw opening

Every Pass-Thru Socket does the job of a standard and a deep socket combined 1" jaw opening/capacity

Sockets are packaged in a convenient storage tray and clearly marked for easy identification

Remove and reverse the jaw for pipe work Serrations on the inside edge form a deep tooth pattern that holds pipe tightly and reduces slipping

Corrosion resistant black-phosphate finish

Manufactured from forged alloy steel for exceptional toughness and durability

Sockets are clearly marked for easy identification


3/8" 10mm Socket

7/16" 11mm Socket

15/32" 12mm Socket

1/2" 13mm Socket

9/16" 4mm Socket

19/32" 15mm Socket

5/8" 16mm Socket

11/16" 17mm Socket

23/32" 18mm Socket

3/4" 19mm Socket

Adjustable Wrench

Storage Tray

S&TD Crescent TSCACPTAW8 3 in 1 Multi Wrench Real Deals Unlocked Demonstration Video:

Crescent Manufacturer Video Demonstration:

Option Text Deals Unlocked TSCACPTAW8

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