Bostik Simson MSR Prep P Marine Decking Caulk Primer

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Bostik Simson MSR Prep P Marine DeckingCaulk Primer

Product Option: PourusSurface 500ml


Simson Prep P is a liquid pre-treatment forimproving the adhesion of Bostik Sealants and adhesive products onporous substrates.

Consult the technical Data Sheet for theparticular application.


Pre-treatment of mineral substrates, such asbrickwork, concrete and lightweight concrete.

Pre-treatment of wooden substrates such asseams in teak wood ship decking

"Important Note this is a non returnableproduct

While in our care all primers are kept in aclimate controlled store room.

We recommend storing this product out of directsunlight until used.

Option Colour Light Yellow
Reference Code BF-PRIMER-P
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Bostik_Simson_Primers_Technical_Data_Sheet.pdf Download Attachment

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