Blue Spot Tools Multi-purpose Grease Gun 3oz 85g Grease Cartridges 07963 Bluespot

Brand: Blue Spot Tools
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Blue Spot Tools 3oz 85g Multipurpose Lithium Grease Cartridges

MPN 07963 Bluespot

Barcode 5028734079630

The Bluespot tools 3oz 85g multipurpose grease is an EP2 lithium grease cartridge, which is perfect for a wide range of lubrication applications.

The cartridge inserts straight into the grease gun making it a lot quicker, convenient and cleaner.

The Multipurpose Grease comes as a pack of two and can be used in a working temperature of -20 to 120 degrees. 

Specification and Main Points

  • Multipurpose EP2 Lithium grease cartridge - 3oz 85g
  • Weight - 85g
  • Great for a wide range of lubrication jobs
  • Working temperature -20 to 120°C
  • No mess, go straight in to the gun

Manufacturer Bluespot Tools
Reference Code 07963
Type EP2 Grease Cartridge
Weight 85g
Material EP2 Lithium Grease