Blue Spot Tools HSS Cobalt Metal Drill Bit 1.5mm x 10 20254 Bluespot

Brand: Blue Spot Tools
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Blue Spot Tools HSS Cobalt Metal Drill Bit 1.5mm x 10 Bluespot Supplied in Storage Tube

MPN 20254

Barcode 5028734202540

The blue spot tools 1.5mm cobalt HSS drill bit manufactured from premium High Speed steel for increased speed and effective cutting, even at high temperatures.

The drill bits are finished with a 118 degree drill point angle, which is perfect for the cutting of sheet materials, the 5% cobalt content also makes the drills better at drilling in harder materials and lasting longer.

When drilling in steel and stainless steel the manufacturer blue spot tools recommends that you use a cutting fluid and a centre punch when starting the hole.

These 1.5mm drill bits features a ground flute for increased accuracy when drilling.

The 10pc 1.5mm set is supplied in a handy storage tube with snap on lid.

Specification and Main Points

  • Material - HSS High Speed Steel with 5% cobalt content
  • Cobalt for the highest durability
  • 118 degree drill point angle
  • 10 x 1.5mm
  • Ideal for the drilling in hard materials
  • Ground flute for increased accuracy when drilling
  • Used for drilling in iron, non-ferrous metals, plastic, steel, stainless steel and wood
  • Includes convenient storage tube

11 Sizes Available

Bluespot Cobalt 1mm Drill Bits 20252

Bluespot Cobalt 1.5mm Drill Bits 20254

Bluespot Cobalt 2mm Drill Bits 20256

Bluespot Cobalt 2.5mm Drill Bits 20258

Bluespot Cobalt 3mm Drill Bits 20260

Bluespot Cobalt 3.2mm Drill Bits 20262

Bluespot Cobalt 3.5mm Drill Bits 20265

Bluespot Cobalt 4mm Drill Bits 20267

Bluespot Cobalt 4.2mm Drill Bits 20269

Bluespot Cobalt 4.5mm Drill Bits 20271

Bluespot Cobalt 4.8mm Drill Bits 20272

When using tiny 1.5mm drill bits its very important to keep the drill still so as not to bend the tiny drill bit, this will limit breakages.

Using a pillar drill or drill Bench Top Drill Pillar Conversion Stand.

Brand Blue Spot
Manufacturer Bluespot Tools
Reference Code 20254
Type Cobalt HSS drill bit set
Size 1.5mm
Quantity 10
Material HSS steel 5% Cobalt Steel

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