Blue Spot Tools Cotter Pin Mixed 555pc Set 40642 Bluespot

Brand: Blue Spot Tools
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Blue Spot Tools Cotter Pin Assorted 555 Piece Mixed Set 40642 Bluespot

MPN 40642

Barcode 5028734406429

The blue spot tools cotter pin assorted 555 piece set is great for holding pins or castle nuts in place.

The cotter pins can act as a quick locking mechanism and can be used in various different installations.

They are easy to remove and replace but their main benefit is that they will prevent a nut from coming loose due to vibrations of any kind

Cotter pins have two measurements that matter for an installation, to choose the correct cotter pin you need to know the diameter and the length of the pin.

To determine the length of the cotter pin measure from the base of the rounded eye portion to the end of the shorter side.

To determine the diameter of the cotter pin measure both pins together.

The rounded portion is not supposed to fit through the hole so the hole should not be bigger than the eye.

Cotter pins are a simple to use fastener that requires nothing more than a bolt with a hole in it, a pair of pliers and a castle nut.

When bending the cotter pin, try to round the points to look back in at the fastener, this will prevent them from catching on anything.

The blue spot tools cotter pin set comes securely stored away in plastic case with size guide for quick and convenient storage.

Specification and Main Points

  • Perfect for holding pins or castle nuts in place
  • 30 x 4.0mm x 64mm
  • 50 x 3.2mm x 50mm
  • 75 x 3.2mm x 25mm
  • 100 x 2.4mm x 38mm
  • 150 Each of 2.4mm x 24mm, 1.6mm x 25mm

Manufacturer Blue Spot Tools
Reference Code 40642
Type Cotter pins
Size 30 x 4.0mm x 64mm, 50 x 3.2mm x 50mm, 75 x 3.2mm x 25mm, 100 x 2.4mm x 38mm, 150 Each of 2.4mm x 24mm, 1.6mm x 25mm
Quantity 555 Piece set
Guarantee Bluespot Tools - Manufacturers warranty
Colour Steel