Silverline Automatic Car Bike Battery Charger Boost Starter 6v 12v 549095

Brand: Silverline Tools
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Silverline Automatic Car Bike Battery Charger Boost Starter 6 Volt 12 Volt

MPN 549095

Barcode 5024763167843

Heavy duty intelligent charge 3 stage car and bike starter and battery charger for 6V and 12V vehicle batteries.

Batteries can be charged in or out of vehicles by trickle charge or a fast charge.

Built-in heavy-duty clamps for quick and secure connection to battery terminals.

Features start mode that provides a boost to weak batteries, which assists in starting vehicles.

Intelligent microprocessor detects battery charge percentage and alternator effectiveness automatically by cycling through the large digital display.

Includes built in heavy duty clamps, robust all metal construction housing, convenient carry handle and instructions.

Types of Batteries

  • Leisure
  • Deep-cycle
  • Regular lead acid
  • AGM and gel cell batteries

Specification and Main Points 

  • Output - 6/12v 
  • Maximum Ah rating - 180 
  • Minimum Ah rating - 8Ah 
  • Protects against short circuit, reverse polarity and overload
  • Easy to read large digital display 
  • Start, fast charge and impulsive trickle charge modes 
  • Capacity maximum load - 75A 
  • Clamping method - Fully insulated spring load clamps 
  • Finish - Powder coated pantone 300C matte finish 
  • Handle finish - Soft grip - TPR 
  • Material secondary construction - Steel body 
  • Material tip - Copper clamp tips 

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Manufacturer Silverline Tools
Reference Code 549095
Type Automatic battery starter charger
Capacity 8-180Ah
Quantity 1
Output voltage 6 volt to 12 volt

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