Abus 20mm Aluminium Combination Small Padlock 145/20 46574

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Abus 145/20 20mm Aluminium Recodeable Combination Padlock No 145

Option: ABU14520SIL Silver

MPN: 46574

Barcode: 4003318465741

Re-settable Abus 145 series aluminium combination padlocks.

Particularly suited to Luggage lockers and zipped protection such as tents and bags.

Precision extruded cut and drilled pure aluminium bodies for lightness and strength

Coated mechanisms and shackles to prevent chemical corrosion.

  • 20mm - 3 digit combination padlock.
  • These padlocks are secured by means of a 3-digit number combination that can be set individually.
  • Ideal for use in the leisure industry as there is no need to carry a key.
  • They are also ideal for securing items of luggage lockers or tool boxes.
  • The ABUS 145 Series Aluminium Combination Padlocks feature a resettable combination.
  • The lock body is made from solid aluminium with an anodized coating that is corrosion resistant.
  • Fitted with a spring loaded steel shackle for better setting of the opening code.


For maintenance Use ABUS Lock lubricant PS88 regularly on the locking cylinder to prolong padlock door lock functions.

Reference Code 46574
Type 3 digit combination lock
Size 20mm
Colour Silver
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Abus 20mm Aluminium Combination Small Locker Suitcase Toolbox Lock 46574 Download Attachment

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