Amtech Twist Knot Cupped Wire Wheel Angle & Bench Grinder 100mm F3362

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Twist Knot Cupped Wire Wheel 4 Inch ForAngle Grinders


Product Option:F3362

Am-Tech 4" Cupped Twist Wire Wheel

The Amtech 100mm M14 Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush is manufactured from hardened and tempered crimped steel for increased durability.

Twisted steel filaments provides quick and efficient cleaning action.

Ideal for removal of dirt,paint, rust, scale and more. Suitable for use with most power tools.

Wheel allows quick removal of rust and paint.


Standard thread size M14.

Max 8,500 RPM

100mm 4" Width

"Safety Glasses and gloves must be worn when using this product

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Option Text 4 inch cupped wire wheel
Reference Code F3362

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