Silverline Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets 10pk - 240 Grit 959293

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240g Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets

Product Option: 10pk - 240 Grit

MPN: 959293

Barcode: 5060012966898

Product Description:

240g high quality self-lubricating silicone carbide sheets

with waterproof latex backing.

For use on metal, wet or dry.

Fine grades, ideal for rubbing down between painting.

230 x 280mm.

Grit Guide 120 grit is a coarser abrasive 1200 grit is a finer abrasive.

Available grades:

120 Grit

180 Grit

240 Grit

320 Grit

400 Grit

600 Grit

1200 Grit

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Option Text 240 Grit
Reference Code 959293

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