Fiskars X25 Wood Chopping Splitting Axe 1015643 FSK122483

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Fiskars XL X25 Chopping and Splitting Axe

Product Option: 122483FSK122483

Barcode: 6411501224835

Product Description:

This Fiskars X25 Axe has a number of practical features and benefits for both the professional and occasional user.

The Fiskars New X25 Axe has a ultra-sharp double hardened blade with an anti-friction coating for improved cutting ground to a specific angle and is extremely sharp.

It is ideal for splitting Large logs with adiameter of up-to 30cm thats 12 inch.

Unlike most axes, the head on this one is completely encompassed by the handle, this eliminates the possibility of the head flying off.

Length: 722mm.

Weight: 2.43kg (5.3lb)

Fiskars Promotional Video for the New Fiskars chopping splitting Axe X25

It has a virtually unbreakable FibreComp handle:

The handle is made from a specially developed,  extremely tough material called FibreComp which is virtually unbreakable.

The handle is also extremely light in weight, acombination that gives the user extra safety and more controle specially when using for an extended time.

The bottom end of the handle lips forward, almost like a hook. This is to prevent the axe slipping out of your hand when striking a blow.

Head and Storage Guard:

Comes complete with a head guard this has a moulded recess that the axe head fits neatly into, with a turn lock mechanism which secures the head in place, and a large handle foreasy transportation which can also be used to hang the axe up, this keeps the axe safe during storage or transit and also protects the cutting edge so that it is always sharp and ready for use.

Fiskars Warranty:

This top quality X25 axe carries a 25 year warranty please register to get your 25 year warranty, Registration also allows you to access a guide on use, tips & tricks online.

Video on How to sharpen your axe using the Fiskars Sharpener

Fiskars Video showing How to safely chop logs

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