Everbuild Everflex Mirror Mate Sealant Adhesive C3 White

Brand: Everbuild
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Everbuild Everflex Mirror Mate Sealant Adhesive C3 White

Barcode: 5029347112004

MPN: Mirror

Everbuild Mirror Adhesive is a chemically curing solvent free sealant and adhesive that combines the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane sealants.

Specifically designed for adhering most common mirrors to all common substrates developed so that it does not attack the backing of the mirror

Everbuild Everflex Mirror Mate Mirror Adhesives is a one component solvent free adhesive based on MS modified silicone)Polymer technology that is specially formulated for bonding mirrors and difficult materials such as metals and fibreglass to most common surfaces. The totally neutral curing system will not attack the mirror backing. Everflex Mirror Mate is fast curing, over paintable with most water and gloss based paints and has excellent chemical resistance.


Neutral cure adhesive system

Will not attack mirror backings

Suitable for use as a sealant will also seal around mirror edges

Will even stick to damp surfaces

Primer less adhesion to most surfaces Sticks to metals, most plastics, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, polyester, Perspex, glass, wood, enamel, painted surfaces etc.

Non Hazardous

Over paintable

Non Staining anti-Leach

Highly resistant to mildew and mould growth

Tack free in 10 minutes

Fully cured in 24 to 48 hours

Excellent chemical resistance

Flexible when dry + or - 20%

Everbuild Information Sheets:

Everbuild Mirror Mate Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Mirror Mate MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Everbuild Mirror Mate Product Page

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Option Colour white
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Everbuild Mirror Mate Adhesive Everflex Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild Mirror Mate Adhesive Everflex Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
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