The Best Way To Kill Weeds In Your Garden

For many homeowners, the garden is a haven. It is your corner of nature, a space where you can breathe in the fresh air and plant the flowers that make your heart sing. If there’s one thing that stands in the way of too many gardeners it is weeds. And while these pesky growths can interrupt your well-crafted flower garden, they can also cause damage below the soil. In this blog, we’ll look at the best way to kill weeds for good and keep your garden looking perfect.

Manual Removal

One way to prevent the growth of weeds is to remove them at the root. Taking seeds and roots away from the soil will minimise the risk of them germinating and spreading their growth. There’s no denying that this is a laborious task. You’ll want to invest in a knee protector pad and some durable gardening gloves to protect your fingers. Use a fork to shift the ground below the weed and remove it entirely for the best results.

Weed Killers

A less labour-intensive solution is to use a high-quality weed killer. Solutions such as the DOFF Weed and Root Killer Concentrated WeedKiller is a systematic formula suitable for deep-rooted perennial weeds. This includes docks, nettles, dandelions, willow herb and more. It can easily destroy most types of weeds after a single application and is generally effective enough to only need one use. Another benefit is that it breaks down naturally into the soil, allowing replanting and can treat up to 400 square metres, if required.

Natural Options

If you’re looking to reduce the use of chemicals in your garden or need to continue planting after the weed removal, you may want a more natural solution. Vinegar, salt and even dish soap have all been cited for their ability to help. As does boiling water or rubbing alcohol when applied correctly. These solutions have worked for many years - specifically on low-grade weeds - and can ensure your garden remains safe for animals and small children directly after application.

Here at Sealant & Tools Direct, we work hard to support every homeowner in getting the most out of their space. We have a range of weed killers and gardening solutions to fit your budget and requirements. If you cannot find what you need or would like to speak to one of us today, please do get in contact.