Wynns Hi-Foam Car and Upholstery Fabric Carpet Cleaner 11579

Brand: Wynn's
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Wynns Spray Hi-Foam Upholstery Fabric Carpet Car Cleaner

Product Option: 600 ml 11579

Barcode: 3287350998820

Product Description:

Wynns Hi-Foam Upholstery Cleaner removes stubborn stains, cleaning and freshening tired fabric and upholstery leaving a fresh apple aroma.

Cleans and freshens Fabrics.

Hi-Foam action lifts the dirt from the material.

Leaves a fresh apple aroma.

Ideal for removing greasy stubborn stains.

Not for use on leather surfaces.

Always read the instructions and warning on the can prior to use.

Option Text Large 600ml
Reference Code 11579
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Wynns_Upholstery_Cleaner_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
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