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Everbuild Creocote Fence & Shed Stain Treatment 4 Litre Light Brown

Ref: QR27212
Everbuild Creocote Fence & Shed Stain Treatment 4 Litre Light Brown
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Everbuild Creocote Fence Shed Stain Treatment 4 Litre Dark Brown





Everbuild Creocote Fence & Shed Stain Treatment

Product Option: CREOLTBN4 4 Litre Light Brown

Barcode: 5029347610388

Product Description:

4 Litre Light Brown Creocote is an oil based wood treatment

Effective when applied to exterior timbers such as garden sheds, fences and trellis work etc.

Excellent surface water repellence & restricts weather damage.

Improves grain definition

Exhibits the characteristic odour familiar to traditional Creosote users.

Timber previously treated with Creosote or a solvent based wood preservative will readily accept re-treatment with Creocote. 



Ensure that all timbers are structurally sound, dry and free from surface growths.

Creocote can be applied by brush, spray or dip methods.

A deeper colour may be attained by applying further treatments.

Apply liberally, soaking the timber to achieve best results.

Always ensure that end-grain timbers are fully saturated.


Approximate Coverage:

1 litre per 6 to 8 square meters depending on surface and porosity


Important notes:

Care should be taken to protect valuable plants and foliage during application.

Sealed or painted timbers must be stripped back to bare wood before coating with this product.

premix different batches to ensure shade uniformity

Children and pets should be kept away from treated timber until they are completely dry.

Do a test sample first allowing to dry this will confirm colour & compatability with previous coatings

Ready to use - do not dilute.

For External use only

Do not use on painted or sealed wooden surfaces. 

For timbers being set in the ground, apply Bitumen Paint to protect against groundwater saturation.


CREOLTBN4 Datasheets:


Creocote MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Creocote Technical Data Sheet



Reference Code:
Option Text:
4 litre
Option Colour:
Light Brown