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Aquaseal Wet Room Tanking System Large 7.5 Meter Kit AQWRSKIT

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Aquaseal Wet Room Tanking System Large 7.5 Meter Kit AQWRSKIT
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Aquaseal Wet Room Tanking System Large Kit 7.5 Meter




Aquaseal Wet Room Tanking 7.5 Meter Kit AQWRSKIT



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Aquaseal Tanking System Large 7.5 Meter Kit

Everbuild Code: AQWRSKIT

Barcode: 5029347611149

Product Description:

The Aquaseal Wet Room System is designed to provide a permanently flexible watertight membrane prior to tiling

Use in areas such as showers, wet rooms, wet zones, bathrooms, tiled areas subject to water exposure, balconies, partially covered external areas.

"Based on tried and tested wet room tanking principles used in areas such as Scandinavia & Germany where wet rooms have been common for many years"

Kit consists of a primer, tanking tape, tanking membrane drain mat.


Benefits & Areas for Use:

For showers, wet rooms and wet zones in bathrooms

Use on all board joints, corners & pipe entries.

Waterproofing prior to tiling.

For use on plasterboard, MDF, concrete, wet room boards, plywood etc.

ply lined wooden floors



Do not use on timber treated with spirit or stearate based coatings

Do not use in areas subject to high temperatures

It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt contact Everbuild Technical Services for advice.


Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be clean sound and dust free.


This Kit The Large Size Kit:

Aquaseal Wet Room System is a Waterproof Tanking Kit that contains all you need to waterproof 7.5 square metres


Products in each kit



A ready to use primer, applied by brush to all porous and semi porous surfaces in the areas that are to be waterproofed.

It is quick drying and can be over coated after 1 hour same size in both kits



Self adhesive joint & corner sealing butyl backed fleece tape that should be applied to all corner joints, board joints and pipe penetrations to provide a watertight seal that accommodates cross directional movement.


The Large kit

contains a 10 metre roll which is usually sufficient to waterproof the corners in a 7.5 square metre application.



Self adhesive butyl backed fleece capable of coping with board movement around the drain outlet, which is the area most susceptible to water leaks.

same size in both kits



A ready to use, liquid waterproofing compound which is applied in a 2 coat system by brush to provide a permanently flexible watertight membrane. Non-hazardous and solvent free. It is quick drying and tiling can commence after 24 hours.

5 litres in large kit.

The tape can be over coated with Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Membrane immediately after application. On internal corners ensure the tape overlaps on both sides to avoid a weak spot in the centre of the internal corner.


AQWRSKIT Datasheets:


7.5 Meter Technical Data Sheet

7.5 Meter MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Wet Room System Leaflet


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7.5 meter kit