Vaughan Bear Claw BC8 Nail Pry Bar VAUBC8

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  • Brand Vaughan Tools
  • Product Code: BC8
  • Ref: QR29393

Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Pry Bar Hammer proof

Product Option: BC8 8 inch 195mm

Barcode: 0051218570212

Product Description:

This 8 inch Vaughan Bear Claw Nail Bar.

The Bear Claw Bar is an all steel 8 inch double ended claw bar which is ideal for removing nails and panel pins from boards and mouldings

The bear claw pry bar can be struck with a hammer to drive the tool under the nail the shape of the tool helps prevent damage to the wood surface minimising further decorating and filling.

Option Text 8 Inch 195mm
Reference Code BC8

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