Triton 184mm 16T Circular Saw Blade 30mm 628111

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  • Product Code: 628111
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Triton 184mm 16T Construction Circular Saw Blade 30mm Bore

Product Option: 628111

Barcode: 5024763138638

16 Tungsten carbide tipped teeth and thin kerf.

This power circular saw blade can be used on hardwood, softwood, chipboard and composites and can be used along the grain and across the wood grain.

Compatible with all 184mm Circular Saws and wood working Construction saws


Max 6400rpm

30mm bore

16 Teeth


Includes 20mm and 16mm Rings to enable this saw blade to be used in saws with 16mm and 20mm bore.

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Option Text 184mm 30mm Bore Center 16 Teeth
Reference Code 628111

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