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Wire Brushes and Wire Wheels

Wire Brushes hand and power tool accessories, in this categorie we have wire wheels both standard Wire Wheel and cupped wire wheels fo use with power tools and bench grinders, also a large variety of mini and standard size wire brushes and sets.


Wire brushes are used for the cleaning and burnishing of mainly metal surfaces, wire brushes are also very good at removing loose paint prior to refinshing and the use of other abrasives, we also have small brass wire brushes for the cleaning of spark plugs etc.


For more information contact us on the email address or tel number on the top of the web site.


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Brassed 4 Row Wire Hand Brush PB05
£2.59 inc. VAT
Narrow Brassed Wire Brush PB18-Brass
£1.95 inc. VAT
Narrow Steel Wire Brush PB18-Steel
£1.95 inc. VAT