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Tapes & Trims

There are different types of sticky tapes and trims that are functional in numerous settings and for various purposes. Sealants & Tools Direct offers anti slip tapes, draught excluders, foil tapes, packaging tapes, electrical earth tapes, hazard tapes, duct tapes, waterproof tapes, masking tapes, amalgamating repair tapes, double sided tapes, self-adhesive flashing tapes, gaffa tape and  specialised tapes like those indicating ‘fragile’ and ‘handle with care’. Sold in different dimensions and colours, our extensive tapes and trims range is available at very affordable prices.


Here at Sealants & Tools Direct we supplied a premium range of tapes and trims that are produced by trusted manufacturers like KwikGrip, Fixman, Mammoth, American Membrane, Mocap and Silweld. What are you waiting for? Call us now on 01626 333360 and order your tapes and trims, now!