Fixman Tapes

For exceptional fit and reliability, discover our online range of Fixman Tapes. These versatile solutions offer an option for many different applications and allow you to work within a budget without compromising on performance. They are available to purchase in our online store and allow you to stick within a budget and have confidence in the quality of your finished product.

Shop for the right Fixman tape to suit your application here today. These best-selling tapes come in many different configurations. Their aluminium foil tape, for example, can be used to successfully duct seal air conditioning and protect wires. The anti-slip tape is suitable for internal and external use, reducing the risk of accidents in walkways, stairs and up ramps. And, they also manufacture several draught excluders to help reduce heat loss and keep your home at a comfortable temperature for longer. You'll also find a selection of standard masking tapes, carpet fixing double-sided tapes and barrier tapes to meet many different requirements. At all times, Fixman tapes are known for their exceptional adhesion to their desired substrate and are provided in handy dispensing boxes for easy use.

At Sealants and Tools Direct, we work hard to bring you the best products at the very best prices too. If you have any questions, cannot find the exact item you're looking for or need some advice, please do get in contact with us here today.

Fixman UV Resistant Masking Tape 25mm 192584

Fixman UV Resistant Masking Tape 25mm 192584

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