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Everbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstone Invisible Sealer 5 Litre RBINDINV5

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Everbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstone Invisible Sealer 5 Litre RBINDINV5
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Everbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstone Invisible Sealer 5 litre





Everbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer 5 litre

Product Option: RBINDINV5

Barcode: 5036143000039

Product Description:

Resiblock Invisible Indian Sandstone Sealer acts as an invisible seal to paths, patios and driveways and provides long term resistance against staining and algae growth and lasts up to five years. The application can be done in one simple coat and is suitable to use with most forms of natural stone.


Product Breakdown:

Specifically designed for porous surfaces such as Indian sandstone.

Suitable for high levels of UV radiation.

Available in both Colour Enhancer or Invisible.

Stain resistant.

Resists algae growth.

Fast curing.

One coat.

Walk on after 3-6 hours.

All year round application.

Ideal for use with Indian sandstone, sandstone, Yorkstone, Limestone and other forms of natural stone.


Approximate Coverage:

4 to 6 meters per litre.



All surfaces and jointing sand must be dry and free fromdirt. Do not apply if rain is expected in 8 hours. Apply to the surfaces using a roller. Remove any build-up in depressions with a clean roller or sponge. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer will cure sufficiently in approx. 3 hours at 20 Deg C to accept foot traffic. Full cure is achieved after 24 hours.


Very Important Notes

"Keep away from ponds"

Do not return unused material to original containers.

DO NOT RESEAL or store partly used kegs.

Material so stored may have poor adhesion, Carbon Dioxide may generate and put the drum under pressure, which might rupture the drum.

Further-more partial or total solidification of the sealant may occur in a short period of time.

No smoking or naked flames to be allowed, as resiblock indian sandstone sealer colour enhancer is flammable.




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Everbuild Resiblock Indian Sandstone Colour Enhancer Sealer 5 Litre


"Important Note this is a non returnable product "

While in our care all products are kept in a climate controlled store room.

We recommend storing this product out of direct sunlight until used.


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5 litre