Silverline Spark Plug Cleaning Wire Brush Brass Bristles PB09

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Silverline Spark Plug Cleaning Wire Brush Brass Bristles


Barcode: 5024763009747

Mechanics spark plug cleaning brush, used mainly for the purpose of cleaning spark plugs.

Can be used to clean in and around engine parts and is also suitable for cleaning metal prior to welding in tight corners and being brass does not contaminate the surface.

Brass bristles and hardwood handle.

Approximate Length 290mm.

Brassed wire brushes are also suitable for cleaning welding joints due to the fact that they do not contaminate the surface giving a cleaner non contaminated weld, do-not cross contaminate IE don't use the same wire brush on steel then use on aluminium or you will have the opposite effect. and contaminate the surface.

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Reference Code PB09

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