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Everbuild Tecnic Anti-Pick 109 Sealant 300ml White Grey Soft Linen

Ref: QR23009
Everbuild Tecnic Anti-Pick 109 Sealant 300ml White Grey Soft Linen
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Everbuild Tecnic Anti Pick 109 Sealant 300ml White Grey Soft linen




Everbuild Anti Pick 109 Sealant Grey Soft Linen White


Everbuild Tecnic Anti-pick 109 Sealant 300ml

Product Options:

White - ANTIP109WE.

Grey - ANTIP109GY.

Soft Linen - ANTIP109SL.


"Home office Approved for secure enviroments"

ANTI PICK 109 is a one part, chemically curing solvent free sealant

Combines the best qualities of silicone & polyurethane Tecnology

Anti Pick 109 has been specifically formulated to provide a good degree of resistance to finger picking

where a small movement accommodation is required.


Product Breakdown:

Excellent impact and wear resistance.

Resistant to picking by fingers.

Excellent primerless adhesion to most

surfaces, including metals, most plastics, glass, polyester.

High UV and aggressive atmosphere resistance.

Excellent resistance to Chemicals & petrol 10% dilute acids, alkalis, most solvent

Overpaintable with certain paints

Can be applied on damp surfaces.

Non hazardous to health.

High mechanical properties.

Passed for use on different home office national offender management services

ministry of justice projects. Secure environments i.e. prisons & hospitals

Municipal and public areas.


Perimeter sealing of doors, windows and sanitary ware.

Joints in heavy cladding.


Colour options available:



Soft linen,



Manufacturers Web Site.




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Option Colour:
Grey, Soft Linen, White