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Cox Powerflow Combi Manual Sausage Barrel Gun 600ml

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Cox Powerflow Combi Manual Sausage Barrel Gun 600ml
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Cox Powerflow Combi Manual Sausage Gun 600ml 6001481


Cox Powerflow Combi Sausage Barrel Gun 600ml

Product Option: 6001481

Barcode: 5033383014819

Product Description:

Manual 600ml multi-purpose applicator gun

Use with cartridges, sachets or bulk material

Dispenses 310ml and 400ml cartridges

Dispenses 310ml, 400ml and 600ml Foil Sachet Sausages

12:1 trigger ratio

Pc Cox Powerflow Detail

How to use a Manual Sealant / Adhesive Barrel Gun:

Barrel or bulk guns are easy to use with foil sausages.

Firstly, remove the end cap press the rear thumb release and pull back the bar by grabbing the end with the other hand, now hold the gun by the neck and insert the foil, grab hold of the knot at the end of the foil and simply cut that off with side cutters (this is the cleanest way to do this), the gun can be held between the knees if required,

Now put the end cap with nozzle inserted onto the gun, squeeze the trigger to put pressure on the nozzle cut to size and away you go.

To release pressure in gun simply press the thumb leaver.

When you come to the end of the sausage simply remove the end cap ensuring not to get product onto the threads if this does happen use Geocel The Works to remove it.


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