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Everbuild 900N LMN Neutral Oxime Silicone Sealant Box Of 25

Ref: QR27000
Everbuild 900N LMN Neutral Oxime Silicone Sealant Box Of 25
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Everbuild 900N LMN Oxime Silicone Sealant Brown White Trans Box 25


Everbuild 900N LMN Oxime Silicone Sealant C3 Box of 25

Product Options:

900NBN Brown

900NCL Translucent

900NWE White


Everbuild Everflex 900N low modulus Neutral oxime cure silicone sealant

Excellent adhesion to a wide range of both porous & non porous surfaces

Specially developed for PVC building and roofline applications

Excellent adhesion

Adheres to glass, metals, plastics Glass to glass wood &

soft metals such as lead, copper and zinc.

Low dirt pick up

Excellent external weathering properties.

Mould resistant

Pointing internally & externally around all types of window frames.

As an adhesive onto PVCU, plastic trims etc.

Suitable as an expansion joint sealant.

Joint sealing to pre-formed panels.

General glazing sealing and draught proofing,

Everbuild 900N Information:

Everbuild 900N LMN Silicone Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild 900N LMN Silicone MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild 900N DOP Declaration of Performance

Silicone Colour Card

Manufacturer Everbuild 900N Silicone Product Page


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900NBN 900NCL 900NWE
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Brown Translucent White