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Sikaflex Marine Sika Activator 250ml Aktivator Red Top

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Sikaflex Marine Sika Activator 250ml Aktivator Red Top
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Sikaflex Marine Sika Activator 250ml Aktivator Red Top


Sikaflex Marine Sika Mineral Surface Activator 250ml

Product Code: SA-ACT-250

Barcode: 7611237098673

Product Description:

Sika Activator is a cleaning & activating agent

It is specifically formulated for the treatment of direct glazing work prior to

application of various Sika polyurethane adhesives

Areas of Application:

Sika Activator is used to clean & give improved adhesion on Mineral Glass:


Ceramic coated glass

Cut face of old polyurethane adhesive beads

Polyurethane coated windows glass and paints.

Method of Application

Wipe bond faces with a clean lint free cloth or absorbent paper towel moistened

with Sika Activator.

Sika Activator should be applied sparingly, and once only

Wipe off any excess with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

Reseal container tightly immediately after use.

The Ideal application and surface temperature is 15 - 25 deg C.

Special Cleaner and adhesion promoter, for direct glazing and non-porous

surfaces. Sika primer 206 G&P must be applied after Sika Activator.

Important Information

Prolonged exposure to atmospheric moisture will cause

The Activator to become inactive.

Sika Activator should be used within one month of opening the bottle.

After this time, or if the Activator has become opaque instead of clear,

the product should be discarded.

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250ml Aktivator