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Sikaflex 210t Marine Sika Primer 210 250ml

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Sikaflex 210t Marine Sika Primer 210 250ml
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Sika 210T Sikaflex Marine Primer 210 250ml


Sika Marine Primer 210 Surface Primer

Product Code: SP210

Barcode: 7612894629149

Product Description:

Special primer for applications on anodized aluminium & other metallic surfaces.

Sika Primer 210 a liquid low viscosity primer for use on:


Galvanized steel

Some plastics

Prior to bonding & sealing with Sikaflex products.

Areas of Application:
Sika Primer 210T is used to improve the adhesion of Sikaflex adhesives on

many metals, plastics and paint primed substrates.

Primer 210 is not suitable for use on porous surfaces.

Method of Application:

Surfaces must be clean dry & free from all traces of dust grease oil

Wipe the bond face with Sika Cleaner 205 leave to dry & Apply a thin but

covering coat with a brush or felt Pad.

Do not apply at temperatures below 10 deg C or above 35 deg C.

Apply Once Only & Care must be taken to ensure that the single application

gives adequately dense coverage.

Reseal container tightly immediately after use.

"Important Note this is a non returnable product "

While in our care all primers are kept in a climate controlled store room.

We recommend storing this product out of direct sunlight until used.


larger objects should not be exposed to more than 40 deg C during the first

3 days after bonding.

This product is suitable for professional experienced users only.

Test with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure

adhesion and material compatibility.

Marine Wheelmark


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