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Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 10m X 30mm BACK31

Ref: QR23546
Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 10m X 30mm BACK31
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Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 10m x 30mm BACK31






Everbuild Sealant Polyethylene Backer Rod 30mm X 10m

Product Option: 30mm x 10 meters BACK31

30mm Non absorbent compressible grey closed cell polyethylene foam backup material.

Insert into a joint to control sealant depth & create a backstop to allow proper Depth of sealant ready for tooling,

Normal joint requirement 2 wide to 1 deep but check with silicone sealant litrature


Product Applications:

General Purpose Sealant backing

Together with Self-leveling sealant

Expansion joints

Irregular joints

Metal and pre-cast panels

Around perimeters of door and window frames,

Coping and glazing joints

Log Homes


Product Description:

30mm Round polyethylene foam joint filler and backing for sealants and acoustic applications

Compresses easily for accommodating joints of varying widths.

Does not stick to sealants.

Non-stick closed cell skin.

High moisture resistance.

Compatible with all know types of sealants

Controls depth of the sealant in proper relation to joint width

Provides backing against which the sealant is applied, forcing the sealant to the sides of the joint

Prevents 3-sided bonding, ensuring proper function of sealant


Choosing the correct size:

Select a backer-rod diameter that is approximately 15 to 25% larger than the width of the joint to give a firm base.



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