Geocel Auto RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant and Instant Gasket 310ml - BLACK

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310ml cartridge

Geocel Auto RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant and Instant Gasket

Colour: BLACK

Product Option:2939177

Barcode: 5413278161659

Geocel Auto RTV is a one part silicone rubber gasket sealant that is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

It cures to form a tough, waterproof and flexible rubber joint which will not shrink, crack or discolour.


Making permanent replacement gaskets, sealing lamps, water hoses, Windows & windscreens, waterproofing joints and junctions,

Creating damping and anti-vibration seals.

General purpose sealing and bonding.

Auto RTV Benefits:

Fits in a stand sealant gun

Fast Cure

Non Slump

Gloss Finish

100% Silicone

Cures to form flexible seal

Ideal for forming Cast in place gaskets

Solvent Free



Available Sizes:

310ml sealant gun cartridge

78g hand plunger cartridge

Geocel Auto sealants

All Manufacturers Automotive and caravan Sealants

Option Colour BLACK
Option Text 310ml
Reference Code 2939177
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