Everbuild Tecnic Puraflex 40 Sealant Adhesive 600ml Box of 20

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Everbuild Tecnic Puraflex 40 Sealant Adhesive 600ml

Trade Product Option: Box of 20

Colour & MPN:

White - FPINDPU40WE6-20

Grey - FPINDPU40GY6-20

Black - FPINDPU40BK6-20


High modulus

Polyurethane based sealant adhesive

Remains permanently elastic

Good adhesion to most substrates

Supplied in a 600ml Foil Sausage for use in a barrel gun.


Food Grade

Excellent chemical resistance.

Resistance to solvents when cured.

Bonds to concrete, wood, metal, aluminium, polyester, glass, uPVC, stone,

ceramics, etc.

Over paintable with gloss and emulsion paints test recommended

Sealing and bonding metal panels and trim.

Expansion joint sealing in concrete panels,

Floor joint

Marine applications resistance to salt water

Multitude of automotive and engineering applications

Bonding in container fabrication.

High traffic floor such as garage forecourts, warehouse, factory floors,

sports arenas, shopping centres

15 months shelf life

Option Colour White Grey Black
Option Text FPINDPU40BK6-20 FPINDPU40GY6-20 FPINDPU40WE6-20
Reference Code FPINDPU40WE6-20
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Everbuild_Tecnic_Puraflex_40_Sealant_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Everbuild_Tecnic_Puraflex_40_Sealant_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
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