Sika SikaBond AT Universal Solvent Free Adhesive 600ml Box of 20

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Sika SikaBond AT Universal Solvent FreeAdhesive

Trade Product Option: 600ml Box of20



SikaBond AT-Universal 600ml Box Quantity amulti-purpose solvent & Silicone free, elastic adhesive thatprovides very good adhesion on both non-porous and poroussubstrates.

SikaBond AT Universal uses of Sikas new i-curetechnology, helps dramatically in reducing product emissions,providing a higher level of protection for both the user and theenvironment.

Sika AT Universal is particularly suitable for bonding of solid orengineered wood flooring, for use as a liquid batten system. It isa high strength elastic bond adhesive and has strong adhesion onmost common building substrates, can also be used as a HM sealante.g. for floor connection joints.

The advantages of AT Universals clevertechnology mean the product has very good weathering and waterresistance making it suitable to use both internal and externaluse.

Its non-corrosive nature means it can be usedon both porous and non-porous substrates including wood, concrete,metal, PVC, ceramics roof tiles hard PVC,GFRP, tiles, bricks, cement screed, aluminium, stainlesssteel etc.

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Option Colour Grey
Option Text 600ml Box of 20
Reference Code FPSKBDATUGY-20
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