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Security Products

Maintaining the security and safety of your property is challenging. Padlocks and other security products can be very helpful in preventing intruders from breaking in.


Security products can be classified into chains, fence defenders and other kinds of lock.


Chains can be charged with the task of ensuring the security of your push bike when left unattended. Fence defenders are attached to a wall or gate to prevent trespassers from intruding. Some kinds of locks are attached to a door to guarantee a safer property.


Cob led & pir floodlight is the perfect security system for night time to alert you to a presence outside  and to prevent trespassers from intruding.


Sealant and Tools Direct has a wide range of security products available for your needs. We also offer different products such as sealant tools and safety wears. To know more about our products, kindly leave us a message.

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