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Screws Fixings Fastenings & Anchors

Screws are pins with a sharp-point and a raised helical thread. They are commonly used to bore a hole in a surface. It is also an essential component in attaching two things together or to securely hold something in place. Screws require rotational motion, which is converted to force in order to create deeper holes.


Sealants prevent air or water from entering the hole made by boring the screws. Applying sealants will be made easier by using a sealant gun. They ensure an accurate application amount of sealant to lessen waste.


Chemical anchor studs are used for anchoring structural steel columns and beams.


Anchorset is a rapid curing two part chemical anchoring cartridge system based on polyester resin. Applied in one single action to produce a cost effective, tough, chemical resistant fixing.  


Sealants and Tools Direct offers numerous screws and sealants that are important in construction and other repairing matters. If you have any questions regarding this product, you may leave us a message.

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