Scan Gel Comfort Knee Pads Pro Kneepads SCAPPEKPCAP

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Scan Gel Comfort Knee Pads Pro Kneepads

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Knee pads are an essential for anyone who have to spend periods of time working on their knees.

The Scan Gel Knee Pads provide protection to your knees when working in a kneeling position even when kneeling on rough or surfaces with lots of building debris on them.

Typical applications include kneeling on uneven surfaces, Laminate flooring, roofing work, concrete screening, laying patios and general gardening work.

These gel knee pads feature air injected technology and a comfortable gel foam padding that supports the knee, a stabiliser cap provides a comfortable and sturdy supported kneeling position.

Demonstration Video:

Adjustable neoprene straps and hook & loop fastening system, allow them to be easily attached over work trousers.

The soft internal padding is breathable for all-day comfort.

The durable gel pads combined with the waterproof fabric make these knee pads ideal for a variety of working conditions.

3-ply construction provides protection, comfort and stability.

The pad caps are anti-slip, non-marking and anti-scratch, and provide mechanical protection with penetration resistance up to 100N and are suitable for work on most surfaces.

Hand & Knee protection

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