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Everbuild Evercryl Fibre Reinforced Roof Repair Compound 20KG - Grey

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Everbuild Evercryl Fibre Reinforced Roof Repair Compound 20KG - Grey
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Everbuild Evercryl 20KG Grey Fibre Reinforced Roof Repair Compound EVCGY20

Everbuild Evercryl Fibre Reinforced Roof Repair Compound 20KG - Grey

Evercryl Roof Repair Compound Coating

Trade Product Option: 20Kg Grey


Bar Code: 5029347600723


Evercryl One Coat 20Kg trade option only comes in the grey colour.

Resin based fibre re-enforced roof repair compound,

Effective on all common roofing surfaces and types,

Gives an instant roof repair even in the wet & on wet surfaces.

May also be applied in frosty conditions down to 5 deg C.

Instantly waterproof when applied so there is no fear of wash off,

Emergency leaks can be tackled immediately as there is no need to wait for

the rain to stop.

Evercryl One Coat is brush applied and dries to a smooth seamless flexible

membrane which resists algae and fungal growth.

Because of the high level of fibre it will bridge small cracks and requires only

a one-coat to give instant and total water protection even in areas subject to


Requires no primer on sound non-porous surfaces.

All non- bituminous, porous or friable surfaces must be primed with black jack

bitumen and flashing primer allowing primer to dry thoroughly before use.

Evercryl Benefits & Uses:

Large 20kg Container for site work.

May be applied in damp and wet conditions.

Formulated from lightfast acrylic polymers to withstand sunlight for longer

periods than traditional bitumen coatings

Fibre re-enforced to bridge small cracks.

Primerless adhesion to most bituminous and non porous surfaces.

General sealing, maintenance, repair and waterproofing of most common

roofs in wet or dry conditions for use on concrete, fibre cement, roofing felt,

mastic, asphalt, existing bituminous roof coatings, rigid uPVC corrugated iron,

metals, slates, brickwork, tiles, lead, Glass fibre, copper and zinc.

Waterproofing guttering plastic and metal, downpipes, gullys, flashings,

upstands, vents and leadwork.

Evercryl EVCGY20 Information:

Evercryl Technical Data Sheet

Evercryl MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild Manufacturer Evercryl Product Page

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