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Everbuild 904 Roof Felt & Chipping Adhesive 5 Litre - 90405

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Everbuild 904 Roof Felt & Chipping Adhesive 5 Litre - 90405
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Everbuild 904 Black Jack Roof felt & Chipping Adhesive 5 litre

Everbuild 904 Roof felt & Chipping Adhesive 5 Litre - 90405

Everbuild 904 Roof Felt Adhesive 5 Litre Tin

MPN: 90405

Barcode: 5029347009458

Product Description:

5 Litre of Cold applied adhesive coating.

Black oxidised bitumen based adhesive.

Used to bond roofing felt to itself.

Also Bonds concrete, asphalt, metal, wood and similar surfaces.

Suitable for use as a cold gritting solution.

Benefits & Uses:

High bond strength

Also suitable for gritting

Sealing roofing felt laps.

Bonding Chipping’s to final layer of felt.

Surface Preparation:

Ensure that the surface to be repaired is dry and clean, i.e. free from all loose debris, rust, dirt and grease.

All traces of algae and fungus growth should be removed using a stiff bristled brush.

Where algae and fungi have been present, remove all traces completely and teat the surface with FUNGICIDAL WASH

in order to kill any remaining spores, thereby discouraging the return of the growths.

Porous surfaces may be primed with a coat of Flashing Primer and allowed to dry before proceeding.

How to Apply:

BLACK JACK ROOF FELT ADHESIVE should be brush or mop applied.

Left for 15 to 30 minutes depending upon drying conditions in order to develop its full tackiness.

The felt should be placed into the wet adhesive film carefully, rubbing or rolling each section down to ensure maximum contact with the adhesive and ensuring that all air has been excluded.

The felt should then be weighted down until the felt has adhered to the surface when ever possible.


Gritting solution for roofs with up to a 10

° slope.

The roof surface should be clean and free from dirt, dust and all loose debris. may be applied to damp, but not wet or waterlogged surfaces.

The compound should be spread evenly direct form the container, The Chipping’s should be applied immediately into the wet film.

Care should be taken not to over-chip and to ensure that the Chipping’s cover the film shoulder to shoulder.

Do not leave any black film exposed.


Tools may be cleaned with white spirit.

904 Approximate Coverage:

As an adhesive 0.6 to 0.8 litres per square meter

As a gritting Adhesive 0.7 to 0.9 litres per square meter

Everbuild 904 Datasheets:

Everbuild 904 Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild 904 Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild 904 Manufacturer Product Page

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