Prodec Trade Pro Paint Brush Set PBPT054 Inc Free Premier Brush

Brand: ProDec
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Prodec Trade Pro Decorators Paint Brush Set

Inc Free Synthetic Premier 38mm Brush

Product Code: PBPT054

Barcode: 5019200247066

A trade quality workhorse Paint brush set incorporating a Blend of synthetic filaments and natural bristle.

Bristle set in high strength epoxy resin ensuring maximum bristle security.

Stainless steel ferrule and fixings for durability and rust resistance.

Full bodied head for excellent paint pick-up and release

Ideal for all paints and varnishes water and oil based paint and emulsion

applications requiring a superior finish.

Brushes in Set:

3 x 25mm

3 x 38mm

3 x 50mm

1 x free 38mm Premier Synthetic Paint brush.

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Reference Code PBPT054

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