Prodec Long Pile 9" Emulsion Masonry Paint Roller Frame Brush Tray Kit PRRT028

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  • Product Code: PRRT028
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Prodec Long Pile Emulsion Masonry Sleeve Paint Roller Frame and Tray


Barcode: 5019200022649

Prodec trade quality Twin 9 inch woven long pile emulsion and masonry paint roller kit.

Delivers exceptional value for money.

Ideal for many painting tasks around the home.

The heavy duty roller sleeves are suitable for use on both smooth semi rough and rough surfaces.

used for applying water based paints to ceilings and walls.

The paint roller kit contains:

2 x Heavy Duty long pile woven roller sleeve

1 x 9" roller frame

1 x 9" plastic roller tray

1 x 4" Masonry Emulsion Mixed Bristle Paint Brush

Reference Code PRRT028

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